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Massage Table Headrests

Crescent Headrest

The most basic of headrests is not adjustable. The headrests is attached to two dowels which slide in to the table. From that point, the headrest is fixed in position and can not be moved. Although it is the least expensive, it is also the least popular option.

Adjustable Headrest

The second most popular headrest, the deluxe headrest slides in to the table then can pivot on a single axis. This helps the therapist adjust for client facial sizes and personal comfort. The adjustable headrest is far more popular than the crescent headrest, which does not adjust at all.

Deluxe Adjustable Headrest

This is our most popular headrest, and is included with every package we ship. This headrest pivots and can be raised and lowered, for maximum client comfort. Different manufacturers have different names and designs for this headrest, but the principle of tilt and raise/lower is standard throughout the massage table industry.